For over ten years, National Mechanics has been a staple of Old City. Built by famed architect William Strickland in 1837, the National Mechanics building has housed one of Philadelphia’s favorite bars and restaurants for the last ten years. Our warm antique-like feel makes National Mechanics similar to Old City itself; a fresh mix of old-world form and new-age function. Having lived through two Gothic periods, our décor is an allusion to mechanical and artistic elements, from our homemade lighting fixtures to the eccentric pieces that adorn the space: A place molded by time. Our establishment’s name stems from the building's original incarnation as Mechanics National Bank. In fact, as the building was constructed before the invention of the camera, the earliest picture of the bank was taken in 1901.  For an in depth history of the building check out


Who are the people on the pint glasses at National Mechanics?
Edgar Allen Poe, Gary Heidnick, Ira Einhorn, Vince Fumo, Frank Rizzo, Rocky, Lynn Abraham, & John Street

Does National Mechanics offer menus and bar packages for special events?
Yes we do! Please see the special events section of our website for more information, and our array of menus.

When does the menu switch over to dinner?
3:30PM, Monday-Friday. (Saturday & Sunday: same time, Brunch to Dinner)

Is National Mechanics also a nightclub?
Fridays and Saturdays 10PM to 2AM

Is there always a new soup on the menu?
Yes—Our chef specializes in the mastery of soup-making.

Whose bronzed shoes are on the wall at National Mechanics?
Some guy named Tim from Jacksonville, Florida: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except for these shoes.

Where did the taxidermy models on our walls come from?
The eccentric decorative taste of one of the restaurant’s owners, Kate Swan.

Was National Mechanics ever an auto repair shop?
Never. See our about section for more information on the building’s fascinating history, starting in 1837.  

Does our menu have vegan and gluten free options?
Yes! These include our classic Veggie Burger, a rotating list of vegan soups throughout the year, and many of our dishes are easily modifiable for our gluten free folks.

Can I drop by with a large group and expect seating for everyone?
We advise that you call ahead and make a reservation for groups of 6 or more, so that way we can accommodate your group.